Online course of Croatian as a second and foreign language

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Online course of Croatian as a second and foreign language

Amor Lingua College offers you the opportunity to learn and improve the Croatian language.
Whether you are motivated by a love of Slavic languages, culture or Croatian history, business or private needs, Amor Lingua College is the right choice.

Learn Croatian with native speakers – graduated professors of Croatian language and literature – online!


Amor Lingua College is approved by:

  • Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia
  • Agency for Vocational Education and Training

After the Croatian language course at Amor Lingua College, you will get a certified diploma!

Our lecturers are professors of Croatian language and literature with many years of experience in teaching Croatian as a foreign language. Professors are also fluent in English, so you can completely rely on them! They organized the curriculum according to CEFR, ie ZEROJ (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

The lessons are organized to cover all aspects of learning a language: reading, writing, and speaking. Language and grammar exercises, reading, and writing exercises are held exclusively in Croatian. Only in the initial stages is minimal use of English possible.

Develop your communicative competence, learn Croatian grammatical structures.

Focus on language improvement and study skills: develop your everyday language skills and the skills you need for success in examinations, including exam strategies, practice tests, tips from the
examiners etc.

In our sessions you can find:

  • vocabulary and grammar exercises
  • pronunciation activities
  • interactive language activities
  • cultural information
  • homework assignments

Each online lesson lasts 50 minutes.

Learn about the Croatian language, culture, and history!

Choose between individual and group lessons (maximum of 8 students per group). Our dedicated teachers will work with you on your language skills.

If you are a team player and aspire to an international environment, a group course is for you, and if you want a completely individualized approach, sign up for an individual course. Amor Lingua School also offers a third-course type, the so-called “crash”, which is a combination of group and individual courses.

If you choose a group course, you will have two lessons per week. If you choose an individual or “crash” course, you can confirm from one to ten lessons per week.

Regardless of the type of course you choose, interactive teaching of the Croatian language through various activities awaits you, depending on the level of language knowledge and your preferences.

Topic-based learning: there are different Weekly Themes that keep language-learning current, relevant, and interesting (culture, literature, music, sport, movies, history….).
Interesting textbooks and manuals, videos, newspaper articles, songs, movies, current and events from everyday life, Croatian culture…

All our professors use modern methods of work through a creative approach to fast and quality learning. Learning a language doesn’t have to be boring! All our professors are, also, available for e-mail and chat consultations if you have more questions after the lesson.

After our course, conversation in Croatian will be easy.

Take the free online level (placement) test to estimate your level of knowledge!

Complete the test and receive your score immediately without any commitment.

Your exact skill level will be determined after answering questions covering grammar and vocabulary. With the help of the Amor Lingua College grading system, you will then be able to choose the perfect language course for your level.

All you need is a computer, laptop, or smartphone with a microphone, headset, webcam, and Internet connection. Our online lessons are always live, so you can participate and ask whatever you want to know.

Join us on our new digital adventure! 

Become Croatian through our language and culture learning!

Croatian for all that feel Croatian!


Once you have made your booking and it has been accepted, you will receive an email with your login username and password to access the course.

The first lesson is FREE OF CHARGE! <3



Group: 30 euro/lesson (minimal 70 lessons)
Individual (1:1): 45 euro/lesson