English language - Newborn child program

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English language - Newborn child program

Perfect the language without which the 21st century is unthinkable - English language

English is spoken by more than two billion people and is undoubtedly the most important language of global communication. English has been taught since preschool days due to it being present in all modern media and basic prerequisites for employment.

One of the best programs of Amor Lingua College - Newborn child includes an intensive English language course.

The course is held from Monday to Friday, every day for three hours, for a full four weeks.

If you want to learn English very well in the shortest possible time, this course is created for you!

It is learning through a natural method of intuitive acquisition of knowledge.

Our professors will help you master your communication skills in English!

A new style of learning through communication skills and practical teaching.



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40 hours Newborn child, 60 hours Newborn child