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Commercialist program for secondary education




Commercialist program for secondary education



Naziv programa
četverogodišnji program
Vrsta programa
Program stjecanja srednje stručne spreme
Program description


Independent and effective performance of procurement, sales, business organization, and logistics processes in wholesale, retail, manufacturing, catering, hotel, and tourism businesses engaged in domestic and international trade, as well as in domestic and international shipping, as well as in public, long warehouses, free zones, railway stations, seaports, and goods terminals, as well as in the conduct of foreign trade operations involving the exchange of goods.

Goal orientation, persuasiveness, and a desire to work both alone and together are key characteristics of a commercialist. For example, reading client account balance cards, being familiar with the ideas of compensation, cession, etc., and legal work due to the resolution of various court issues are all necessary skills, experiences, and knowledge of financial categories. It is desirable for a businessperson to develop a professional appearance and business style that would imply a successful image of a business entity. The process of finalizing a sale can take several months, therefore those involved in this sector need to be confident while also being persistent and patient. A commercialist's safety and persuasiveness, with which he may have a suggestive impact on business partners, will be substantially enhanced by a comprehensive education and knowledge with socio-economic events. Additionally, a certain level of physical stamina is needed (sometimes salespeople carry heavy boxes of product samples or spend long periods of time on their feet). It's a good thing that business professionals like to travel because they frequently meet with clients and partners.

Subject list:

  • Knowledge of the merchandise
  • Business communications
  • Informatics
  • Commercial business
  • Accounting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Basics of commercial law
  • The psychology of sales
  • Marketing
  • Transport, forwarding and insurance
  • Technique of foreign trade operations

Related professions

Commercial traveler, commercial manager, acquisitions officer, economic technician

Employment opportunities

Commercialists can be employed in companies or trades engaged in the production and sale of various goods and services, within various activities in the country and abroad.

Uvjeti za upis
Physiotherapy technician program for secondary education
  • finished elementary school
  • over 15 years of age
  • a medical certificate confirming that the student is fit to perform the duties of Commercialist

Conditions for enrollment in the retraining program:

  • at least 15 years of age
  • finished secondary school

Before classes even begin, students who enroll in this secondary school program obtain a decision on several exams that specifies which subjects are approved and which ones are included in the continuing education program.

Potrebne isprave za upis
  • primary school certificate (for enrollment in 1st grade)
  • certificates of previously completed high school classes
  • certificate of final paper/exam (for enrollment in retraining)
  • nationality certificate
  • birth certificate
  • medical certificate confirming that the student is capable of performing the duties of a commercialist (for enrollment in the 1st year and retraining)
  • enrollment form with contract, (for enrollment in the 1st grade and requalification)


Oblik nastave
Konzultativno – instruktivna /dopisno-konzultativna nastava općeobrazovni dio


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Model plaćanja: HR00
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Opis plaćanja: Upisnina za I./II./III./IV. godinu ili prekvalifikaciju,Ime i prezime pristupnika

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