Conversation course - Russian language



Conversation course - Russian language

One of the most popular Russian language courses is the conversation course. All schools offer a conversation course and many students opt for that type of course. The language is best learned when it is used, and through the conversation course our participants will only speak Russian. This course is perfect for all students who want to improve their speaking skills in Russian.

A conversational course is a language course where the emphasis is on speech and conversation. This type of course is much more relaxed than other courses. Instead of grammar, texts, syntax, textbooks and exercise books, this type of course consists of conversation, discussion, debate on a topic. Participants will receive materials to read and then discuss, debate or lead discussions on the topic in class. Topics are determined by the groups and what the groups want to discuss. They usually read books, comment on movies, discuss social topics, hobbies of students and other topics of interest to students.

Perfect your Russian language in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere at Amor Lingua College!

We have prepared for you courses of 20,40 and 60 hours.

Amor Lingue courses are different because the teaching is conceived on an individual approach and corresponds to the needs and knowledge of each student.


Individual course 1h 18 euro/h
Group course 20h 95 euro
Group course 40h 180 euro
Group course 60h 240 euro