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Maderotherapy Course

Popular massage therapy known as "maderotherapy" has its roots in Colombia. It is carried out using natural materials (wooden rollers), which encourages muscular relaxation and effective body cleansing. Additionally, it works as an anti-cellulite massage and effectively reduces skin edema. Maderotherapy is a unique form of massage that improves skin tightness and tone, decreases body volume, and forms the body. Because maderotherapy offers excellent and efficient results for the health condition, in addition to enhancing the beauty and contour of the body using natural materials, it is very well-liked (improves circulation and removes toxins).

Using wooden rollers to remove extra lymph and speed up lymph movement encourages more effective detoxification, which quickens metabolism generally and minimizes extra fluid retention. In addition to cosmetic and health reasons, the body is subjected to mederotherapy for the purposes of relaxation, stress reduction, easing mental and physical tension, and body detoxification.

Maderotherapy course consists of:

1. Theory

  • introduction to body anatomy
  • history of maderotherapy
  • advantages and types of maderotherapy
  • familiarization with the material and instruments for treatment implementation
  • way of carrying out the treatment
  • verification of acquired knowledge

2. Practical

  • conversation with the client
  • identifying the client's needs
  • choosing the method
  • body preparation before treatment


  • use of wooden rollers
  • application on every part of the body
  • conversation after the treatment with instructions to the client for the further implementation of maderotherapy
  • disinfection of instruments used during treatment (wooden rollers)

Practical classes are conducted on a model.

Duration of education: 2 days (10 lessons)

Price of the program:

Regular price:

240,00 euro

First minute price:

190,00 euro


Amor Lingua College provides the necessary material for the maderotherapy course.