Online Digital Marketing



Online Digital Marketing

All participants will learn to use website production procedures, social media advertising, Google Ads advertising, and analytics tools to optimize your Internet campaign. The program combines knowledge and skills from public relations, marketing, sales and information technology.

Become a digital marketing specialist and Community Manager who analytically plans and monitors trends with ongoing education. In today's modern world, the job of online advertising is viral. With this education, you can gain knowledge and experience that you will apply working on real projects and learn everything you need to prepare, lead and promote companies online. You will understand all the new trends currently in the market, which is essential for you for this profession and business.

The business of digital marketing is beneficial at this time as much for the companies you do business with and for yourself. Digital marketing brings you a high return on investment, the fastest and cheapest way to start a business and through promotion brings you a tremendous increase in regular customers.

Digital marketing has become a source of success in the world of marketing. It gives a significant advantage in the business world to any company driven by advertising through digital marketing. Companies in today's world need to be promoted via the Internet because the Internet guides people. After all, the Internet has become a modern trend, and the best way of advertising and people research every service, product, information and company via the Internet.

Being an expert in the digital marketing profession means being successful in today’s world because this profession opens all the doors and dream jobs for you. Digital marketing provides equal opportunities to all companies. For this reason, companies want to get them to advertise as much online as possible to be visible and accessible to everyone. In addition to advertising itself, digital marketing allows companies to be promoted to a group of people they need and feel interested in the product or service the company provides. In conclusion, digital marketing brings exceptional results and increases brand recognition.

Digital marketing education will introduce you to the world of online advertising, will provide you with knowledge about marketing itself and all its types, especially about technology and digital communication and digital transformation. It will enable you to get involved in the Internet's business world and prepare you for the challenges that await you in this profession.

Learn how to make interactive posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Snapchat - Periscope. Tracks trends and access to new consumers.

Digital Marketing career will open work opportunities in many companies that are searching for a digital marketing specialist!

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Module number Name of module Lessons Total
1. Marketing communication in the digital world 4 1 5
2. Digital branding and new models of consumer behaviour 2 1 3
3. Webshop 1 1 2
4. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 2 1 3
5. Google Advertising Policies (AdWords) 13 17 30
6. Website Analytics (Google Analytics) 20 31 51
7. Social networks and their role in branding 9 13 22
8. Occupational safety and security 2 2 4
TOTAL 53 67 120



  • Birth certificate or a certificate of nationality
  • Identity card
  • High school report


  1. Recognize marketing communication in the digitized world
  1. Recognize new models of consumer behaviour
  2. Recognize Webshop as a new concept of shopping
  3. Participate in the implementation of the Web campaign
  4. Apply knowledge Google advertising policies
  5. Apply knowledge about the Google Analytics program
  6. Apply knowledge of SEM and SEO
  7. Recognize social networks and their role in marketing and branding
  8. Recognize the features and impact of mobile marketing



  • Birth certificate or a certificate of nationality
  • Identity card
  • High school report


Course price

Course Program description Lessons Cijena u eurima
Group course Digital Marketing 120 1450
Online course 1 on 2 Digital Marketing 120 1650
Online course 1 on 1 Digital Marketing 120 1995



Textbooks, study materials, ppt and instructions for using other sources

Daniel Rowles: Digital Branding (2014.)

Jason Luong: Grow Your Business Like Crazy (2019.)

Krista Neher: Digital Marketing That Actually Works (2019.)

Philip Kotler: Marketing 4.0 (2016.)

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