Online Film animator and Comic Book Designer



Online Film animator and Comic Book Designer

Who are, and what do a film animators and a comic book designers do?
A film animator and comic book designer is a person who makes animated films or comics using the latest computer animation technology.

We designed this course especially for ambitious animated film lovers and comic book designers interested in creating their animated short films or comics.
After attending this course, you will have a complete understanding of the whole process of making an animated short film or comic from start to finish, and you will be able to follow all the steps to turn your movie or comic into reality.

You will devise a story, write a script in the correct format, create a recording board, and make an animation out of it, creating a preview, modelling, adjusting, lighting, displaying, and animating methods. You will also go through the assembly process and learn how to perform colour correction, composing, and sound design for the final product.

A career as a film animator and comic book artist is ideal for a creative person!

Get your Comic book design certificate today!

Module number Name of module Lesson hours (theory) Lesson hours (practice) Total
1. Introduction to animated film and comics 5 5
2. Understanding the concept of film time, movement and story 10 10
3. Creating a concept, writing a story 5 10 15
4. Drawing a storyboard and developing visuals 5 15 20
5. Animation 5 20 25
6. Recording voices and sounds 5 15 20
7. Film editing 5 20 25
TOTAL 40 80 120



  • Birth certificate or a certificate of nationality
  • Identity card
  • High school report


Course price

Course Program description Lessons Cijena u eurima
Group course Comic book design 120 1300
Online course 1 on 2 Comic book design 120 1460
Online course 1 on 1 Comic book design 120 2640



Textbooks, study materials, ppt and instructions for using other sources.

The Animator’s Survival kit, Richard Williams

Borivoj Dovniković Bordo: Škola crtanog filma (1996.)

Joško Marušić i suradnici: Alkemija animiranog filma (2004.)

Midhat Ajanović: Animacija i realizam (2004.)

Chris Patmore: The complete animation course (2003.)

Richard Taylor: The encyclopedia of animation techniques (1996.)