Administrative officer

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Administrative officer

Administrative officer program for secondary education



 Administrative officer program for secondary education:

  • finished elementary school
  • at least 15 years of age
  • a medical certificate confirming that the student is fit to perform the duties of Administrative Officer

Conditions for enrollment in the retraining program:

  • at least 15 years of age
  • finished secondary school
  • a medical certificate confirming that the student is fit to perform the duties of Administrative Officer


  • primary school certificate (for enrollment in 1st grade)
  • certificates of previously completed high school classes
  • certificate of final paper/exam (for enrollment in retraining)
  • nationality certificate
  • birth certificate
  • medical certificate confirming that the student is capable of performing the duties of an administrative officer (for enrollment in the 1st year and retraining)
  • enrollment form with contract, (for enrollment in the 1st grade and requalification)

rilikom upisa svi pristupnici imaju obvezu uplatiti upisninu u iznosu od 300,00 kn.

Upisnina se plaća na IBAN Učilišta a: HR7524020061100990194
Model plaćanja: HR00
Poziv na broj primatelja: OIB (pristupnika)
Opis plaćanja: Upisnina za I./II./III./IV. godinu ili prekvalifikaciju,Ime i prezime pristupnika


Before classes even begin, students who enroll in this secondary school program obtain a decision on several exams that specifies which subjects are approved and which ones are included in the continuing education program.


  • knowledge of the positive legal system and the way of implementing laws and other legal regulations
  • ten-finger blind writing with adequate accuracy and speed
  • handling of office equipment and aids
  • computer literacy - entering data into computer databases, exchanging electronic (digital documents)
  • work on the preparation, collection, arrangement, issuing, recording, dispatching of issued and received files and documents, as well as technical control and data processing
  • performance of actions in the administrative procedure
  • making decisions in simpler administrative matters within the limits of the authority obtained,
  • communication with people and processing
  • keeping records of received and issued documents
  • reception and classification of files
  • drafting of administrative decisions (conclusions and decisions)
  • formation of notarial files
  • keeping administrative and non-administrative records (case register, order record)
  • keeping personal files in public

Administrative officers should have knowledge of office operations and correspondence, administrative procedure, property law, family law, labor law and the state structure of the Republic of Croatia.

The administrative officer should be familiar with and proficient in using software. Due to the frequent communication with clients, other office officials, and coworkers, highly developed communication skills are essential.

Subject list:

  • Introduction to the state and law
  • Entrepreneurship with management
  • Constitutional structure of the Republic of Croatia
  • Introduction to family law
  • Labor law
  • Introduction to property law
  • Administrative procedure
  • Business psychology
  • Office business and correspondence
  • Croatian business language
  • Computer Typography
  • Bookkeeping
  • Economy
  • Statistics
  • Informatics

Related professions

Business secretary, secretary, administrative secretary, economist, administrative lawyer

Employment opportunities

The majority of administrative officers work for state administration, local self-government, judicial authorities, and other institutions (registry offices, registries, land registry offices, health and pension insurance affairs, ministries, private companies and others).

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