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Online web-design

Do you want to learn how to open a Website for your handicrafts or company? Or maybe you want to start a new career as a Web designer? Amor Lingua College can help to master this skill successfully and help in your goal to become a Web designer.

A web designer is one of the most demanding occupations in today's modern world because today's current communication method is through a website. A web designer's job consists of designing and creating a website, web design, web content, and project. Education allows you to get acquainted with the world of technology and all the opportunities that the modern world of the Internet offers us.

Web design education provided by our College allows you to acquire knowledge about web design, web content design with design rules, theoretical and practical knowledge about creating a website and all the necessary skills you need. In addition to creating the website and all the accompanying rules and learning about web design, you will learn and acquire the basic design principles: balance, proximity, alignment, colour contrast, typography, and visual hierarchy. Of paramount importance to web design is knowledge of design software applications that you will also learn during the training. After completing the education, you acquire the necessary education and become a web designer to offer your knowledge on the market immediately.

Creating and designing a website and its appearance and success depends on the factors that affect it. It all depends on your knowledge that you can gain through education. These are various animations that can make a boring page exciting, technical skills and knowledge of web development language, how the web servers work, and its features. Website management skills and excellent communication skills are fundamental in this business because communication with the client is the beginning of business success.

All participants will learn how to use procedures in the domain registration, design, setting up styles, setting HTML code, and search engine optimization (SEO). They will also learn how to analyse website traffic and, how to customize the user interface for the best users experience.

A Web design career will open many opportunities to work for many companies that are searching for Web design specialists!

Get your Web design certificate today!

Module number Name of module Lesson hours (theory) Lesson hours (practice) Total
1. Introduction to the Web design and image editing 9 9 18
2. HTML 8 9 17
3. CSS 8 9 17
4. WordPress 8 9 17
5. SEO 8 9 17
6. Responsive Web design 8 9 17
7. Creating Website 8 9 17
TOTAL 57 63 120



  • Birth certificate or a certificate of nationality
  • Identity card
  • High school report

Course price

Course Program description Lessons Cijena u eurima
Online group course  Web Design 120  



Online course 1 on 2 Web Design 120  


Online course 1 on 1 Web Design 120  




Textbooks, study materials, ppt and instructions for using other sources.
Matthew McDonald: WordPress: The missing manual (2014.)

Jennifer Robbins: Learning Web Design: A Beginner’s Guide to HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Web Graphics

Jon Duckett: HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites

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