Preparations for the "Državna matura"

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Preparations for the "Državna matura"

Preparations at Amor Lingua College or online from the comfort of your own home!

The "Državna matura" is a series of exams that every student who wants to go to the university must pass. "Državna matura" consists of mandatory and elective exams. Mandatory courses have two levels: basic and advanced, while elective exams have only one level. For mandatory subjects, Croatian language and mathematics are always written, while for a foreign language, a student can choose between English, German, French, Spanish or Italian. In elective courses, a student decides to take the subject that best suits the university's requirements.

Students will quality learn accordingly to the types of tasks that appear at the exams. Repeating what you have already covered in school, learning and mastering what awaits you on the exam, and not learning in school.

Choice of subjects: Croatian language and literature, essay writing, mathematics, preparation for English or German, physics, chemistry... whatever you think you need the most, we offer it.

Do you think that preparations are held only in the largest cities in Croatia?
Amor Lingua College covers you anywhere you are in Croatia!
The online connection allows us to help ALL prospective students from ALL counties.
Excellent, experienced professors have prepared the best materials, and you just need to prepare your laptop or smartphone and contact us! 🙂


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