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English language

Perfect the language without which the 21st century is unthinkable - English language

English is spoken by more than two billion people and is undoubtedly the most important language of global communication. English has been taught since preschool days due to it being present in all modern media and basic prerequisites for employment.

In addition to modern teaching methods, our professional and certified professors will teach you not only English language and perfect pronunciation, but also the customs, traditions, films and music of Anglo-Saxon culture.

There are many English language learning options available to you: general, intensive, business, specialized, conversational… If you find it difficult to assess which course is ideal for your needs, our language advisors will help you choose after analyzing and assessing your knowledge and goals.

College Amor Lingua together with  Educational Travel Worldwide Amor Lingua College, in collaboration with Educational Travel Worldwide, organizes trips to the UK, the United States, Canada and Australia so that students, in addition to learning English, can fully immerse themselves in Anglo-Saxon culture and customs. In this way, students can communicate with a large number of native speakers, visit the locations they learned about in class and embark on an Anglo-Saxon adventure.

Over 25 years of experience and cooperation with British and American top schools PLUS, MLI, CES, Select English, Oxford Spires, Melchior College, St. Clare’s, Frances Kingand Embassy, allows all our attendees to enroll in summer camps, online, general and accelerated courses and academic preparation in the best language centers in the UK, Ireland, Canada, USA, Australia…
The combination of learning a foreign language in our College and spending a few weeks in one of the countries among the native speakers, guarantees excellent knowledge and perfect pronunciation!

English language course includes:

  • Language testing so that we can place you in the appropriate group
  • Consulting with a language advisor - analysis of knowledge and goals and program selection
  • Opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities: Language coffee meetup, literary and film workshops…
  • Two exam deadlines
  • Bilingual EU certificate after successfully passing the exam

Graduate professors of English language and literature have prepared a curriculum that accompanies CEFR, ie ZEROJ (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). According to this framework, we offer courses at all levels of language proficiency:

A1 - Beginner
A2 - Elementary
B1 - Intermediate
B2 - Upper Intermediate
C1 - Advanced
C2 - Proficiency

These levels are divided into even more levels:

  • A1 level – A1.1 + A1.2
  • A2 level – A.2.1 + A2.2
  • B1 level – B1.1 + B1.2
  • B1/B2 level – B1.3 + B1.4
  • B2 level – B2.1+B2.2
  • C1 level – C1.1+C1.2
  • C1/C2 level – C1.3 + C1.4
  • C2 level – C2.1 + C2.2

Interesting textbooks and manuals, videos, newspaper articles, poems, movies, current and everyday events, Anglo-Saxon culture and customs… Language is more than grammar and vocabulary!

Small groups, modern methods of work through a creative approach and interactive teaching of English language through various activities ensure quality, fast and fun way of learning a new language. You start speaking a foreign language from the first class, and you can feel your progress during and after the course.

If you are not a beginner and want to enroll in one of the higher levels, you need to pass our classification exam first in order to place you in the appropriate group. The classification exam should not be taken by students who have passed an international exam or a certificate from another foreign language school in accordance with European and Croatian standards.

Course Program description Lessons Cijena u eurima
General course Classics are always in fashion 60/70 (year) 240/280
Business course To improve your target language with an emphasis on business vocabulary 60/70 (year) 310/350
Intensive (accelerated) course For emergencies, quick learning 40 (2 weeks) 180
Conversation course For the best possible pronunciation and successful learning 60/70 (year) 240/280
Online group For distance learning 60/70 (year) 215
Individual (live or online)

Individual academic (live or online)

For an individual approach 1 18/h


Individual with native speaker (online) For an individual international approach 1 28/h
Academic - preparatory for IELTS and TOEFL For a better future, successful enrollment in college, high school… 40 (2 weeks) 355
Specialized in medical staff For quality medical staff 40 (2 weeks) 240
Specialized in tourism For the most prepared tourism workers 40 (2 weeks) 240
Specialized in catering For the kindest caterers 40 (2 weeks) 240
English – STEM program For mathematicians, physicists, chemists 60 (3 weeks) 865
English – Business program For marketing professionals, negotiators 60 (3 weeks) 830
English - IB preparation For future IB students 60 (3 weeks) 785
Newborn Child Super intensive course with a native speaker teacher 60 (4 weeks) 630
Taking exams / issuing certificates For those who already know / 400



If you are not sure which of the course suits you best, be sure to contact us by phone or email to assess which model would suit your current knowledge and goals.

IELTS I TOEFL preparation course: Get ready to take the exam with which you will receive the most famous language certificate recognized by over 9000 organizations in 140 countries! Whether you are planning to study abroad or your job requires taking one of these certificates, in our college you will get everything you need to pass successfully.

Saturday for tea
After the work week, relax over tea or coffee with our lecturers and talk in the language you are learning. Other languages are prohibited.

If you accidentally miss an appointment, all of our professors are available via e-mail, for any questions related to classes and lessons taught in class.

Before the adventure of learning a language in our college, this is our first lesson:

  • Hi/Hello! = Bok/zdravo!
  • Welcome! = Dobro došli!
  • Goodbye! = Doviđenja!
  • See you later! = Vidimo se kasnije!


  • Good morning /afternoon/evening! = Dobro jutro/dan/večer!
  • Good night! =  Laku noć!
  • Please = Molim
  • Thank you/Thanks = Hvala
  • Here you go = Izvoli
  • You’re welcome = Nema na čemu
  • Sorry  = Oprosti
  • I aplogize = Ispričavam se
  • Excuse me = Oprostite


  • Cheers! = Živjeli!
  • Bless you! = Nazdravlje!
  • Happy birthday! = Sretan rođendan!
  • Merry Christmas! = Sretan Božić!
  • Happy New Year! = Sretna Nova godina!


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English – Business program, English – IB preperations, English – intensive Newborn child prorgam, Engleski jezik – STEM program, Individual (1), Intensive (30), Conversational (60), Online group program (60), Online individual (1), General (60 hours), General (70 sati), Exam taking/ getting a certificate, Business (60 hours), Preperations for IELTS (36), Specialised for medical staff (40), Specialised for tourism (40), Specialised for hospitality (40)