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A professional bookkeeper is a person that every company needs, even the smallest one, because its success depends on its expertise and knowledge.

Bookkeeping has branches of bookkeeping for entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, artisans and budget and budget users. Each item and division and bookkeeping knowledge give us a significant advantage in the business world, in situations when we find ourselves in an employer's position or as a bookkeeper of a particular company.

Bookkeeping involves describing, measuring, and interpreting certain entities' economic activities, using a particular language based on a system of principles of regulatory standards. Bookkeeping is not just a game of numbers and calculations; it is much more than that. It provides us with knowledge about starting a company or a craft, tax payment items, knowledge about new laws and regulations, and providing tax advice. When you bring it all together, you get complete knowledge and skills. This exact and capable person can provide you with business advice that can lead you to significant profits and success in business.

Bookkeeping education will introduce us to the world of numbers and bookkeeping, various laws and regulations, keeping business books, and calculating salaries and tax calculations. It will acquaint us with the basic financial statements and all the rights of entrepreneurs and legal and natural persons. With exciting and instructive work in teaching, theory and practice of tasks and with a bit of effort and work after this course, you will become a bookkeeper ready to work and implement your knowledge on new business ventures. Bookkeeping skills, knowledge and skills very often depend on business success.

Being a bookkeeper means being a professional person on whom the success or loss of a company depends. This job is not monotonous. Every day provides new knowledge, new achievements, and new research in various industries. The profession of a bookkeeper is in high demand. Every company wants to have a capable and professional person who knows the laws and regulations and is versed in the world of business and bookkeeping, a creative person who can provide business advice to his employer.

All participants will learn to use appropriate procedures to prepare documentation for bookkeeping and apply legal regulations in performing bookkeeping. They will learn how to use computer bookkeeping programs in bookkeeping, prepare and post bookkeeping data for monthly, periodic and annual processing. They will learn how to prepare documentation to compile financial statements, will apply the rules of successful business communication.

A bookkeeper career will open many opportunities to work for many companies that are searching for a bookkeeper specialist!

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Module number Name of module Lesson hours (theory) Lesson hours (practice) Total
1. Introduction to bookkeeping 10 0 10
2. Basic bookkeeping categories and booking techniques 25 10 25
3. Analytical bookkeeping 20 15 35
4. Monetary business (+ payroll lists and payroll) 10 10 20
5. Implementation of computer programs in bookkeeping 5 15 20
TOTAL 70 50 120



  • Birth certificate or a certificate of nationality
  • Identity card
  • High school report


Course price

Course Program description Lessons Cijena u eurima
Group course Bookkeeping 120 625,00
Online course 1 on 2 Bookkeeping 120 890,00
Online course 1 on 1 Bookkeeping 120 1725,00



Textbooks, study materials, ppt and instructions for using other sources.

Neven Baica: Knjigovodstvo za male i srednje poduzetnike: primjena HSFI-a (2013.)

Đurđica Jurić: Temelji računovodstva i analitička knjigovodstva (2001.)

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