IB preparation



IB preparation

The preparatory IB program of Amor Lingua College was created for young people between 15-17 years of age who want to improve their skills and prepare for the IB program and IB diploma.

Age: 15-17 years

Group: maximum 6 students - individualized classes

Duration: 3 weeks (Monday-Friday)

Number of lessons: 25

Academic methodology in high-quality preparation for the IB degree with exceptional and experienced IB professors ensures mastery of the skills required for enrollment in the IB program.

Specialized subjects: English literature, English language, mathematics, art, social and mathematical sciences

Participants will learn more about the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and how it can be applied in the IB program. Critical thinking and awareness of the international environment are elementary components of this theory.

Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) enrich this educational experience. CAS enables participants to solve problems in a team, develop new skills and new experience.